titus alexius

room; H-4
rank; citizen
ability; light magic (x2)
weapon; fencing foil

purpose .


Proudfully, with his new job in his pockets and having regained his metal vessel, Alibaba walked down the streets on the watch. He had decided for now to take care of this city and the people here, before he could finally bring everyone home. That could wait until there were better requirements.

With confident steps and his hands behind his head while the elbows were stretched out to the side, he observed his surroundings once again. He really wished he could do some more with the time he had already spent here, But after all everything seemed much more complex than he had assumed. But he did gain some allies and he was really glad about that. He was really wondering how his friends were doing in his own world.

He trailed off into daydreaming, not paying attention to what happened before him until he felt a grab and some weight on his clothes dragging him down a bit. “… Huh?” He looked down and lowered his arms. Through the other’s clothes he didn’t recognize the person in front of him, but he was concerned about his well-being nonetheless. He seemed to tremble. Scratching the back of his head, he gave off a loose response to the apology of the boy. “Hey, it’s not that bad… are you alright?”

He stepped closer again and tried to look at the boy’s face underneath his hat and before he let the other speak up or talk out, he already began to follow up with another question, accompanied by a surprised face. “Wait-” He knew that face. Another one from his world, here? He pointed his finger towards the boy as he continued. “Aren’t you that magician from Magnostadt…? Your name was… Titus, right?”

They didn’t meet for long, but Aladdin said that it was a good friend of his, so he had to be trustworthy. And he had some strong connection with the other Magi too. But what concerned him even more was the fact that Scheherazade said that he wouldn’t have long to live and he didn’t look well at all right now. Could that be the cause of his trembling…?

He stepped back a bit and lowered his hand again. Alibaba was unsure whether he could be of much help then, but he couldn’t simply let him alone here like that. “Is there… anything I can do for you? You… don’t look well at all.”


No sooner did he look up to get a glimpse of the boy he had the misfortune of falling on did he realize that it was none other than the friend Aladdin had once introduced to him. He recalled how this blonde had boldly stepped in to save the magi and his city despite the risks that came with interfering with both a fanalis and a metal vessel user— there was respect to be given there, at the very least.

What’s more, he and Aladdin’s antics had made Lady Scheherazade smile— an expression Titus had rarely seen from the composed empress. Then soon after, the two had fought due to the blonde’s concern over his friend; the magician remembered it all quite clearly. It had been somewhat of a bizarre event to witness knowing their conversation was supposed to have been of utmost seriousness.

Still, that type of camaraderie… It was touching. The clone recalled how his jealousy had pinched at his heart knowing he could never have the time to deepen a friendship to that level— but such thoughts should be left in the past.

Extraordinary effort given to feign his well being, Titus forced a small smile. Truthfully, it was not all a facade; he did value finding another from his world here, afterall. It was simply that the magician had little idea how to handle the pity being thrown in his direction. What used to be his pride as a powerful magic user was now just a void of arrogance with practically no meaning, especially in Hive City.


Yes, I’m Titus. You’re… Alibaba, aren’t you? His smile turns apologetic before he continued. Sorry about that, I guess I wasn’t paying much attention when I crashed into you. Considering his previous words were not particularly convincing, the effeminate boy added more of reassurance. I’m fine, really.

But hey.. Hoping to dismiss the topic of his heath as nothing, he deterred the conversation. If you’re here, does that mean Aladdin’s with you? 

When Titus had been brought to the city, his Lady had been brought at nearly the same time. It wasn’t much of anything to go off of, but the magician inwardly hoped that it wasn’t coincidence that they weren’t stolen in pairs— and that the same happened to the other residents as well.



"I—— well, I do not believe in what I cannot see, what kind of magic do you know?"

All eight types, naturally. Although, you’ll have to take my word for it— in my current state, I’m only able to cast one. A sense of shame is evident in his features before he speaks once more.

Come to think of it, are you a magician as well? You’re dressed rather strangely but there doesn’t appear to be any weapons on your person…


invitus started following you

"Are you really a magician?"



Of course! I take great pride in that fact— why is it you seem doubtful?



"Who are you —"

A High Class Magician, can’t you tell?

To think there really are such shameless Goi outside of Magnostadt’s 5th district…!

purpose .

Keeping track of time had always been a precautionary measure for Titus, a boy who needed to estimate his remaining life in order to make the most of what was left. It was only when months had passed that he no longer saw the meaning in recording the days, the knowledge shared by Lady Scheherazade evidently inaccurate in concluding just when he was supposed to die. Unless his current existence was some witchcraft by the scientists’ doing, there was no other reason as to how he still breathed.

If only he felt as alive as he was. His body certainly took its toll silently, unstable at best. Given how his life force was not his, it went without saying that his energy depended almost entirely on his creator’s. The rukh that had been poured into him over the course of fourteen years had been slowly rejecting him from the start, only existing temporarily to give him the illusion of his own spirit.

What’s more, it was draining knowing his allies were without him in their own world attempting to stop something far greater than themselves. It killed him to know the child he had come to adore was alone and without him for guidance.

Thoughts were interrupted as the magician was suddenly hit with nausea, dizziness surging through his veins before his limbs collapsed against themselves. Before his knees could hit the ground however, he managed to reach to latch on to a person’s garments, his hands gripping forcefully to the clothing of a civilian who had been simply walking in front of him.

D-Damn, I’m— Quickly drawing in a breath, he tugs himself upwards and increases their distance immediately. In that moment, his expression turned to face the one he had unintentionally bothered, his eyes devoid of the will to live and his cheeks tinted red as if feverish. Just as quickly, a proud facade replaced it in hopes that he won’t burden the person before him any longer. 

Fixing Magnostadt’s High-Class magician’s hat that he adorned, the boy cleared his throat weakly.


—It won’t happen again. A hurried response so that he could somehow make it back to his apartment in one piece, Titus hated how each second brought him closer to his last.

☀ Enchantress. {Scheherazade & Titus}



Having separated temporarily so that Titus could make some purchases, Scheherazade stood by herself somewhere close by, waiting quietly on her own. Though some had given her stares as they passed by, most didn’t even so much as glance at her; not that it mattered to her at all. She had wanted to keep Titus by her side so that they could fight together, so that they could protect each other if needed. She wanted him to be able to return home safely, so that he could see Marga, and return to living how he wanted until her original body runs out of time.

Titus’ yelling both surprised and caught the Magi’s attention, and at first, she only sighed. Though she assumed that whoever he would be done arguing with whoever he had yelled at sooner or later, she would have left him alone if not for the sensation that overwhelmed her soon after. This feeling.. though she couldn’t see rukh anymore, she knew this feeling without having to see it. However, this one in particular.. felt strange.

Hurrying to Titus’ location, the Magi spotted the one who seemed to have been the cause of Titus’ yelling, and although this would be the first time she’d met this person, she knew. Maybe not for sure, but.. this feeling couldn’t be mistaken, along with the fact that he seemed to recognize her as she came into his view as well.


Titus — !

Her voice held a hint of alarm, her grip on the wooden staff tight. Reaching out for Titus’ shoulder, she pulled him behind her. Although this person didn’t seem to be very aggressive at the moment, she couldn’t tell for sure. She had heard stories about him, after all.. just one look at him told her to be cautious. True, he could be anyone. They were in a place where many of different worlds were placed together, after all. But of all the clues that had been put together in just these few moments, there was no mistaking it.

Though, she hadn’t forgotten herself. And no matter how worried she was for her own country and the peoples’ well-being, she knew she had to worry about herself here, too. She wouldn’t proceed recklessly. She couldn’t allow herself to do that. 

Are you.. the Kou Empire’s Magi? The priestess spoke calmly, her voice giving away nothing.I don’t believe we have met yet. I am Scheherazade, of Reim. Though he’d probably have figured it out by now, formal introductions were never a bad idea.. probably. It’s a pleasure to finally be able to speak face to face with you —


— Judar. 

Chuckling underneath his breath, the flamboyant mage stood still as he surveyed the womanly magician before him. Nothing about the man seemed to wreak of testosterone nor did his flimsy mannerisms reflect that of a male. To say the least, the oracle’s viewpoint—no matter how premature or juvenile—was ironic, considering his own appearance. Midriff showing, ridiculously long hair and eyeliner to boot were all extremely feminine in nature, yet for some reason Judar failed to grasp the sense of duality. Considering their era, chances are it wasn’t frowned upon. Then again… who would frown at someone as notoriously conscienceless as the Black Sun?

“Hm? What the hell is an ‘Alexius’? With a name like that, I wouldn’t nearly be as proud as you are.”

Chuckling and pointing in a demeaning mannerism towards the opposing teenage wizard, Judar couldn’t contain his laughter. To say he wasn’t intimidated would be a gross understatement, especially when factoring in the abilities he’s witnessed firsthand, noting their limitations for future reference. Not holding his tongue any longer, the sorcerer of creation retorted cunningly. 

“Oh yeah? Magnostadt? Oh! You mean that place full of low-class, wanna-be Magis… right? My my, I sure am intimidated now!


…pfft, heheh~! I swear - I don’t think I’ve met a bigger loser than you in my whole life! What a big, stupid moron!!”

Disregarding his childish antics, the Magi still saw the identifiable mark of purpose, which seemed to engulf the boy whole. Rukh swelled around Titus, responding positively and erratically, though Judar wasn’t sure why. From his reports, he had heard murmurings about the two other Magi whom he hadn’t had the pleasure (?) of meeting beforehand, and whereas the maniacal wretch would have simply labeled him as Yunan, he did not feel the release to do so. No… he fit the criteria stated of the woman. The Reim Empire’s Magi: Scheherazade.

…and suddenly, all of his suspicions were put to rest as a woman called out from afar.

Titus — !

Suddenly, the Rukh surrounding the androgynous male shifted once more. However this time, it lingered… hovering over a woman who truly looked fit to be his fabled kin. Audaciously long and full blonde hair, laurels encompassing her head in regal manner, and a wardrobe reminiscent of the Fanalis he had the misfortune of greeting prior. Before opening his mouth to speak, his magical counterpart intervened:

Are you.. the Kou Empire’s Magi?

“Am I… the Kou Empire’s Magi? Is that a question one can simply ask? Besides, what in the world would give you that idea? It’s not even like you can see me, considering how heavy your eyelids are drooping right now.”

It wasn’t often that an opportunity such as this presented itself. The last time the Black Sun felt such an overwhelming force was upon the realization of Aladdin, whose promise hadn’t yet caught caught up to his skill level. Slowly lifting the tension, the youth smirked before triumphantly exclaiming.


“Hah, I’m just jerking around! Yes, I am Judar - high priest and Magi to the Kou Empire. You must be that fabled old witch from Reim - Scheherazade, huh? You don’t look nearly as old as they say you are. Guess the myths were dead wrong. At least it’s comforting to know I’ll age gracefully.”

Within moments, a lightbulb went off in the Magi’s mind. Was the boy tagging alongside her a puppet of sorts? A vessel for her own purposes? A pawn—much like himself? Furthermore, taking into consideration the political parties each represented, what would happen to Reim if their forces were all currently hauled within the Hive? After all, she isn’t the first from her land to touch the city’s streets. So many questions… so little time.

“So tell me, fellow Magi! What are you doing partnering up with this lame and why the hell does he look so much like you? Is he your kid? I didn’t even know that was possible, y’know. Being a Magi and all.

…more importantly, what do you make out of our current circumstances, eh? Are you trying to further push Reim’s agenda into this blissfully unaware city?”

He paused, discrediting the serious nature of their conversation. Outside of their affiliations, political nonsense didn’t seem to thrill him in the slightest. Only the conflict that brewed internally between all parties involved - the threat of sending souls into depravity caused his vile tendencies to rise to the forefront defiantly, putting his soul at ease. Wait a second. Maybe he could end up manipulating this situation to his own selfish benefit! For now though, he wouldn’t break out of his rouse and implement anything sinister. After all, Judar was thoroughly intrigued in the regal sorcerer and her male partner.

“Not like I really care at the end of the day… I’m not under the influence of the big bad overlords out here. But it iiiiis my job—after all—to report whatever findings I have to those in charge, whenever they decide to show up. There’s so damn many of you all that it’s bound to happen sooner than later!


When it does… do you think you’ll be prepared for another round of warfare?”

Seething at the remarks, biting his tongue was all Titus could do to contain himself once his Lady had made her presence,  childish antics unable to be returned when his very creator had pulled him behind her. It was the alarm in her voice that also assisted in giving him an extra degree of caution, knowing rather well what it was that had been putting her at unease. The magician listened to her words well, his suspicions confirmed when she voiced her inquiry.

Judar. Of the Kou Empire. Titus had once mistaken Aladdin to be a puppet like himself under the command of one of the magi, but had ultimately discovered that it was actually he who (ironically) controlled his own fate. Even with the boy’s powers sealed, Titus had only managed to draw with the child in battle, though it was only a match to prove their competence with magic before the esteemed ruler of the magician country. Although the end of the dual had proved rather frustrating to the blonde who could not afford to lose, his contempt had now transformed into respect for the magi.

Compared to his dearest friend and honest ruler, the magi that stood before him now was loathsome. Complete and utter disrespect for someone as noble as Scheherazade caused his opinion of the teen to fall below redeeming depths. The urge to call out his behavior tempted him severely, but even Titus understood that this was a situation between two magi that he ought not to interfere. Glares were the only gaze cast, arms crossed defensively as he continued to stand obediently behind the priest.

Is he your kid? The question alone made him glance to the expression of his Lady, recalling how she had once named him her makeshift son. Sadness surfaced, his attempt at hiding it made through the turn of his neck to the side. Vivid emerald eyes closed briefly, the memory of having nearly cursed his own fate causing him to shudder. Being so close to black rukh, even now, it was nauseating. It reminded him of how ungrateful he was. It forced him to ponder the contradicting beliefs he held regarding whether he had the right to live.

This distress was disgusting. However short his life had to be, wasn’t it only right that he make the best of what he had? To be glad he lived at all, even as a puppet?  Her rukh, which had given him life, he had nearly tainted with his own selfishness; the very thought weakened his motivation to act at all.


L-Lady Scheherazade. His voice barely above a whisper, he leaned to speak his thoughts into her ear. Let us keep this encounter short.She didn’t need to respond to him; he required only her understanding.

excuse me, princess coming through! [intro]


Ick! She knew she should have thought before doing anything, but Lissa acted on instinct and that resulted in hurting someone. Oh, great, he was already giving her an earful about what happened and she winced when he shouted. Today was not a good day at all. The last thing she wanted was to upset somebody and have them think she was some girl who attacked random strangers!

But luck was on her side and it appeared that he wasn’t very angry anymore; instead she got a question which surprised her. “Rukh…?” She frowned and tilted her head to the side, quite curious about what this ‘rukh’ was.


“I’m not exactly a magician, more of a Cleric.” It was probably best to answer his question before trying to figure out what he had meant earlier. That was if he was willing to be open enough to explain it to her. Ah, what a young, curious mind she still had. Though it couldn’t be helped because it was another way to distract her from what happened and becoming distressed.

“Titus,” she repeated to herself. What an interesting name that was. Nodding her head and smiling gently, the princess quickly responded. “I’m Lissa! It’s really nice to meet you, and I really am sorry about hitting you…” The guilt began to sit in again and it quickly appeared on her face.

Looking down at her staff, she put it behind her back so that he wouldn’t think she might end up using it against him. This was certainly an awkward introduction.

A cleric. he repeated thoughtfully, memories of his friend who trained in the highest specialties of healing magic coming to mind. Enthused, his smile widened, choosing to dwell more on the remarkable similarities than to be disheartened by the fact his comrade was not around. That’s incredible. It was true that despite his own mastering of the many elements, healing was still something Titus was incapable of— ironic considering it was his own life that he needed to somehow prolong…

Lissa… that’s a cute name. His words were nothing but his genuine opinion voiced, a gratefulness to have company erasing a once awkward mood.  Ah, don’t worry about it! I’m fine. Though a nasty bump would surely arise from such an impact, the magician played it off as nothing. You were scared, right? I was the same way...” Voice trailed off idly until he realized another subject was in order, wanting to distract the girl from their rough beginnings. 

You’re probably not from my world if you don’t know what Rukh is. Though he in the past would have most likely scorned someone for not knowing what the necessary component of all life was, the circumstances now changed all that. Since that appears the case, just where are you from then? Looks like magic is something that exists all over the universe, huh? His cheerful attitude was almost childish, what with his excitement over discovering such a simple concept.

excuse me, princess coming through! [intro]


There had been a lot of scary experiences she had to deal with throughout her life, especially during the war, but this was at the top of the list of what frightened her. Putting on a brave face during the time somebody was explaining where she was and what she was here for, Lissa felt terrified on the inside.

First her brother had gone missing, along with her best friend and many other people that she knew. Having to look after Ylisse by herself wasn’t an easy job when she was worried about the people she loved. And now here she was, kidnapped and taken to some strange world for an experiment.

If only Chrom was here, or anybody that she knew, maybe then she wouldn’t be so scared. 

Even if she wasn’t calm on the inside, Lissa did her best to act brave so that nobody would think she was weak. All sorts of people were here so surely if one saw a weak looking girl, they wouldn’t hesitate to prey on her. It was because of that she knew she had to be as strong as she could be.

That didn’t stop her from being paranoid though.


Hearing footsteps behind her, Lissa held her breath and shut her eyes. She had a few choices now, one was to stay calm, the second one was to flee and the third was to defend herself. When she heard a voice, she went with her instincts to defend herself. She grabbed her staff tightly as she span around and —


Quite possibly whacked whoever was behind her with it!

Considering his fencing foil was designed in order to prevent injury to another person, it wasn’t particularly enough to be considered a valid weapon. The idea of attempting to parry the incoming staff was disregarded in the few seconds it took to swing it, for Titus didn’t care to risk the chance of his only wand breaking. Instead, he would endure the impact as the girl’s staff whacked against the top of his skull, resulting in a sharp groan of irritation escaping him afterwards.

Hey, cut it out! shouted the magician with a hint of annoyance. If only he had his barrier, such a lousy ache could have been prevented. His inability in defending himself did not reflect his true skills at all! Do you get a kick out of—

The panic in her eyes caused him to think twice. She was not unlike him when he first arrived, frightened and confused with only a frail body and a speck of magic to get by. Concern was given once he understood the situation better, almost instantly eliminating his initial anger.

"—Are you a magician? The thought they might be similar in some aspects enlightened him, even putting a smile on his face. That staff of yours is what you use to channel rukh, right? Nearly forgetting that she may not be from his world, he quickly added, —I mean, it’s what you use to cast.


I’m Titus, by the way.Introducing himself, he thought maybe she would grow more comfortable with their circumstances knowing she was not alone. At the very least, he did not wish to create any more enemies here, not when all the citizens of HIve City should have been trying to bond together to learn of an escape.

ephemeral .


If Titus had voiced those thoughts, Scheherazade would no doubt deny it. Even if Titus had not been born from real parents, they shared the same blood, the same rukh; they were close in more ways than one, and to Scheherazade, who’d never been able to — and probably never would be able to — have any actual children, she cherished Titus, even though her earlier actions would have denied this fact. If she could help Titus to live on even after her own death, she would.

Noticing that the steps following her had halted, the Magi stopped as well, turning to see what had stopped him. His words send a sharp pang of realization in the priestess — she’d done it again, hadn’t she? Disregarded Titus’ feelings, with her own mind clouded by her own thoughts. A rising, unfamiliar guilt made its way to her chest, opening her eyes and reaching out to the other magician.


Just as she had been filled with worry and confusion upon being thrown into such a place, Titus must’ve had his own worries as well, and she apologizes for not realizing this sooner. When they can sit down and relax (well, as much as they can relax in this place, anyway) in Mu’s apartment, they will talk; she’ll listen to him, and help him as much as she can, just as he’d help her.

A hand reaching out to him once more, grasping the hand that clenched his uniform, gently taking it into hers. Though.. she felt that just this was not enough to ease his worries, not enough to convince him that he was definitely needed by her side, no matter how powerful he was. She gave his hand a little tug, pulling him down so that he was eye-level with her, and..

..slowly, she wrapped her arms around him. As it was a gesture that she hadn’t done herself in a long time, it probably felt somewhat awkward, though she tried her best. The Magi embraced him tightly, closely, warmly. While it had originally been her intention to help to comfort him, surprisingly, it had come to comfort herself, as well; and she found herself remaining like this for longer than she’d intended.

My protection, while she wouldn’t say it was unimportant, as she knew herself very well that her life was extremely important and not to be thrown in the way of danger easily, is not something that you, Titus, need to worry about. She had Mu, which made it unnecessary for Titus to have to protect her, that much was true. She wasn’t sure of how much of Titus’ powers had been taken away by their captors, but..

Finally pulling away, petite hands remain on the other clone’s shoulders, and giving them a light squeeze, she showed him a small smile.

You need only to stay by my side, as long as we are here.


We will fight together. Another pause, and she adds one last line to her words. Thank you, Titus. Your being here has, to an extent, put me at ease. Not to mean that she didn’t wish she could remain in their world, where he could still be taking care of Marga, but.. considering the fact that so many were missing, how safe would he really be? There was the possibility that as an Alexius, he could try to maintain order and take on the temporary role of a leader in Scheherazade’s place, but.. it was not very likely, was it?

Creases in his uniform slowly unfolded, hand gradually ceasing to clench as the priestess’ fingers reached to delicately grasp his grip. A hint of comfort was felt simply from gaining her attention but was unable to ease his inner guilt. It was only when the small tug on his arm pulled him forward did the magician truly realize that Scheherazade was doing all in her power to express her need for him.

The embrace was foreign. He was but a puppet who would not live any longer than she, made to take orders akin to that of a spy’s, yet the pure compassion that radiated off her being touched his very heart. It was almost embarrassing; frozen in place, Titus had realized that he hadn’t the slightest idea how to react, unsure if he was even capable of returning the warming action.

Recovering from a mix of shock and awe, he listened carefully to her next few words, each syllable engraving into his mind. His Lady was undoubtedly one of great experience and wisdom— but also, of consideration. A reason to lie could not be found as he pondered the extent of her intentions, his soul completely swayed by the love she had shown. 

I’m… so grateful, Lady Scheherazade. The part of him that adored her for bringing him to existence shined brightly, the spite for his fate faltering in the depths of his conscience. Until the end, I… I will do all that I can to help you.”

There were things he could still do to assist her, that much he was assured of. In retrospect, perhaps he was foolish in trying to compare himself to someone beyond his capabilities and destiny— to someone who was meant to exist. Of course it was most ideal for him to be able to live his last moments with the child he had related with so strongly, but the circumstances no longer provided many, if any, choices in the matter. Thinking only of himself was selfish; it might have even been a blessing in disguise that he was sent to Hive city since he was now removed from needing to decide his future action in the halted war. From this perspective, being able to spend his last days by his mother’s side could be fully appreciated.

 At long last, a smile would subtly curve his lips upward as the magi lightly placed her hands on his shoulders. I’ll do my best not to hesitate anymore.


Let’s continue— together.